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My Plant Care Routine

Take a look into my regular plant care routine. From watering to repotting, I share my trusted method - this is a great resource for plant newbies looking for tips. ♡

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Plant Care

My Plant Shelfie + How to Achieve Your Own

Since I started on my plant journey, a few years ago, I’ve loved plant shelves and they’ve played a big role in my home (tiny apartment) design. Now that I’m pretty settled in my place, I’ve started to focus on the smaller design elements like my plant shelf decor. And while the plants are definitely

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How to Keep Your Plants Alive

I’ll admit, I’ve killed a plant or two. In my early days, I didn’t have the green thumb that I have today. If you’re new to indoor plants, keeping them alive can seem overwhelming. I’ll save you the trial and error. Today, I’ve got a strong grasp on caring for a variety of plants, and

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Five Minute DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Sometimes you want a no-frills plant hanger. If you have 5 minutes, you can make this one! I have quite a few plants hanging up around my apartment, and as with most of the rest of my style, I like my plant hangers pretty minimal. Enter knot macrame. I love to let my plants be the

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DIY Projects

Diffuser Reed Planter

Read the tutorial for a simple DIY project that transforms a handful of diffuser reeds into a minimalist boho planter.

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DIY + craft projects

Kitchen Update: DIY Beadboard Backsplash with Wallpaper

I love the – no backsplash look. In creating this look, I wanted to add some character and keep my walls protected. I decided to apply a beadboard wallpaper and then painted it to match my existing wall and cabinetry.  When redoing my counters in terrazzo, I opted to skip the backsplash and 4-inch lip.

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Kitchen Cut Out and Counter Project

I knew I needed to make my tiny apartment more functional, so I decided to cut a hole in my wall! My apartment, a funny little 450 square foot space, is in a large Victorian building. The building has gone through a number of transformations. From a single-family home to a convent for nuns, and

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Living Room Update: Ikea Svalnas Shelving

Like so many, I’ve been updating my apartment to make my time at home more comfortable and organized. My living room does triple duty as the space I work, lounge, and eat so it’s important that my storage is both functional and stylish. I decided to go with the SVALNÄS system, a wall-mounted shelving system

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