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plant care

My Plant Care Routine

Take a look into my regular plant care routine. From watering to repotting, I share my trusted method - this is a great resource for plant newbies looking for tips. ♡

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Plant Care

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DIY Projects

DIY Fluted Dining Table

Learn how I upcycled materials to create a fluted dining table.

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at home

3 Outdoor Heating Options Compared

Your outdoor space is an extension of your home, offering a place to unwind and relax. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time in your backyard, adding a heating source can transform your space and allow you to enjoy it throughout the year. Exploring Outdoor Heating Options When it comes to outdoor heating, there are

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Yard Care: Are there rodents in my garden?

One of the less glamorous sides of gardening is dealing with pests and rodents. Rats, in particular, can be a persistent nuisance, whether they’ve taken up residence indoors or are causing havoc in your outdoor spaces. Gardens have an abundance of shelter and food sources, which can be particularly attractive to rodents like rats. With

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4 ways to use self care to look and feel your best

Often, as our lives get busier, it becomes harder to spend time on self care. Self care is important, for so many reasons. Of course it helps to keep your looks up. Self care is also so much deeper in providing you time on yourself – even if just for a few moments every day.

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